Dear Friends:

When asked what inspired me to start Heart@Work, my answer is simple. My son, Drew.

Drew has Down syndrome. Some think that defines him but anyone who knows Drew, knows better. He, and all individuals with disabilities, are so much more than their diagnoses.

I founded Heart@Work to celebrate the enthusiasm Drew and others like him bring to every job they do, and to create a workplace that focuses on what they CAN do, not what they can’t.

Adults with disabilities are the best kind of employees - capable, appreciative and enthusiastic! They are grateful for the educational and vocational training they have received and proud to give back to those communities that have supported them.

Heart@Work gourmet popcorn is the best on the planet, and every bag you buy helps us employ more adults with disabilities. It doesn’t get much better than that!

Whether you are inspired by our mission and our awesome employees, or you just can’t get enough of our two thumbs up gourmet popcorn, please contact us to discuss offering Heart@Work popcorn in your retail location or for your next fundraiser, or giving it as the perfect corporate gift.


Owner & Popologist